Mendoza Dairy - Straus Family Creamery

Mendoza Dairy

The Mendoza Dairy is located on 1,200 acres at the Historic B Ranch on the Point Reyes Peninsula. The first dairy in the Point Reyes National Seashore to produce milk for Straus Family Creamery, they joined as a family farm certified organic milk supplier in 2014. Fourth-generation owner Jarrod Mendoza has a herd of 210 Holstein, Jersey and Jersey-Holstein crossbred milking cows. His wife, Kayla Mossi Mendoza has local dairying in her lineage, and their children are now the fifth-generation on this dairy, nestled near the Pacific Ocean.

“It is important to us to provide a local product coming out of the Point Reyes National Seashore and to have our milk be part of providing healthy products for our community.”

While studying at Chico State, Jarrod’s father Joey Mendoza reluctantly sold the dairy’s herd in 2009, vowing to return someday. Two years later, Jarrod fulfilled his father’s wishes, revitalizing the dairy with the purchase of an organic herd of 120 milking cows and quickly transitioning it into a certified organic dairy. While working part-time at the university’s organic dairy farm, Jarrod saw the positive effect organic practices had in the health and the temperament of the cows. Pesticides were never used on the land, so the pastures were already practically organic, though not certified.

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