Do your products contain stabilizers or thickeners? - Straus Family Creamery

Do your products contain stabilizers or thickeners?

Our organic dairy products contain no stabilizers or thickeners. The single exception is our soft serve mixes, in which we use organic stabilizers.

The absence of stabilizers and thickeners means textures may vary, or you may notice separation in our products. The texture of our yogurt is purely defined by the culturing process. We allow for a variance in texture within our specifications range, so some batches may be somewhat thinner or thicker than others. Each batch of yogurt is tested for its viscosity level; if the level is within our specifications, the yogurt is approved for sale.

With no emulsifiers or stabilizers such as carrageenan or gums, the chocolate milk has natural separation. This requires an extra shake or two of the bottle to blend the ingredients before drinking.

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