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The True Time of Food Production

In discussions on organic agriculture and food production, we often hear about the “true cost of food”. We believe that the true cost of food should factor in the effects the food system has on farms, people and the earth: Many farmers around the world bear too much pressure to create cheap food, not allowing them to apply best environmental and animal practices.

We as consumers are taught to demand cheap food in ways that undermine human health and the vitality of local family farms. Some technologies have created hidden costs, such as the loss of heritage, due to the patenting of seeds.

We strive to support a widespread knowledge of the true cost of food through education and communication with our customers. But there’s an additional “food truth” we want to highlight here: The true time of food production.

Here’s a story. A little girl walks up to her dad in the kitchen. He is standing by the refrigerator holding an empty mason jar. It is a “homemade” kind of household—most everything is made from scratch. The little girl declares: “Dad, I’m hungry. I want yogurt,” to which her dad responds:  “Ok, let’s get started so we can have it ready by tomorrow.” Yogurt takes times to make—a day’s time to be exact.

Our yogurts are set in a vat for 8 hours and our sour cream for 16 hours: a process where the yogurt and sour cream are cultured in a stainless-steel vat. There, it is incubated until it has completely cooled, before it is poured into recyclable containers (unlike other yogurts that are set inside their plastic cups). This is how we choose to limit our production capabilities and therefore, the amount of product we make at one time.

Our butter is made in small batches in a “batch churn”, an old-fashioned butter churn from the 1950s. It takes us about one week to make the same amount of butter that is made in one hour by a typical butter manufacturer.

Artisan dairy craft inherently takes time, to create food of flavor and quality, which is what we at Straus Family Creamery are deeply committed to. Therefore, the true time of food is deeply embedded in the way we do things at Straus Family Creamery. We are offering our customers the best organic products we can produce and we thank our supporters for tasting the difference.

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