Wholesale Barista Milk - Straus Family Creamery

Organic Barista Milk for Specialty Coffee and Tea

The right milk is key to your signature drinks.

Rich and consistent – Straus Organic Barista® Milk is a café favorite. Light homogenization ensures consistency in every pour, creating rich-tasting custom beverages with expressive mouthfeel and longer-lasting foam.

Straus’ commitment to uncompromising quality and sustainable organic agriculture is equally important as the milk’s taste and performance.

At Straus, we value our partnerships with the barista community by actively participating in coffee community events, educational programs, and conversations.  We prioritize understanding our customers’ individual business needs and developing strong relationships with our customers.

Barista® Milk and Half & Half

Crafted with the perfect level of homogenization to preserve the flavor of the milk and create long-lasting foam for cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based coffee and tea bar drinks, our wholesale barista milk is available in extra rich, whole milk, 2%, fat-free, and half & half.

"It may be the richest milk I’ve tasted nationally, and it pairs
beautifully with our coffee."

Andrew Barnett, owner of Linea Caffe in San Francisco.

Our Packaging Commitment

We are committed to the future of the planet and are making sustainable choices with the packaging of all our products. Our wholesale barista milk line uses 100% recyclable #2 HDPE plastic because it is the most broadly accepted plastic milk packaging at recycling centers.


The  Straus mission includes actively supporting the independence and well-being of all farmers, including coffee and tea farmers. When farming is sustainable and environmentally responsible, and the farmers and their agricultural employees earn a living wage and support their rural communities, we all thrive. 


Learn about our full line of organic dairy culinary products – milk, cream, butter, yogurt, and ice cream.

Ice Cream Products

Organic soft serve mix and ice cream base with uncompromised quality and taste.

Chefs/Food Industry Professionals

If you are interested in selling or serving Straus products in your business, please provide us with more information below, and we will contact you shortly.