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People are the heart and soul of Straus Family Creamery and make everything we believe in happen. We strive for a harmonious workplace where our company’s principles, values, vision, and mission are honored and supported at every level.

Read our guiding principles below

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As a team we learn from each other through our varied backgrounds and experiences. We like to look at things from different angles and points of view; to “put on new glasses” and celebrate each other.


We care passionately about the quality of our organic dairy products. Yet product quality is also a result of the quality with which we communicate to each other. We look at the quality of our procedures and practices, as well as the quality expressed by the care and attention we put into every detail of our work.


Every employee can enhance our company through his or her creativity — we make great efforts to provide an open and welcoming environment for fresh ideas.


That’s where the magic happens! If everyone truly has a voice, truly listens and supports each other, the best of all skills unite to complete a marvelous job in everything we do.

If you can imagine a workplace where ice cream is always available in abundance, where morning stretches and twice-a-day walks are a given, where people enjoy healthy snacks, sometimes even bringing in their latest culinary creations to share — join us!

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Available Positions

We are currently hiring at Straus Family Creamery for the following positions:

Full-time / Hourly

To complete preventive maintenance tasks and/or repairs on buildings, production equipment, material handling equipment, boiler, fresh water and waste water systems, septic systems, and company vehicles.

Responsible for achieving company revenue/profit targets and developing/executing key growth strategies and plans. 

Full-time / Hourly

To break down, wash, sanitize, and reassemble daily all production processing equipment, ensuring maximum product quality and execution of standards to maximize profitability and achievement of all production goals.

Full-time / Hourly

Manages daily operations and coordination of activities for raw processing, packaging, and warehouse teams, establishes production priorities to keep with effective and efficient operations and cost factor.

Full-time / Hourly

Quality is an intricate part of Straus Family Creamery’s mission. The Quality Assurance Technician is responsible for safeguarding all product quality and safety while ensuring adherence to Company and regulatory standards.


If you wish to send your resume or contact our People & Culture department, please download an application and email us.

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Company Benefits and Perks

We pay 100% of our employees’ benefits package, which includes medical, dental, and long-term disability, and we offer 401k with a company match. We also offer subsidized gym memberships, wellness programs, carpool/bicycle subsidized incentive program, ESL/Citizenship classes, company-sponsored sports teams, profit sharing opportunities, team training, development opportunities, and much more!

Employee training is also an integral part of our company philosophy — and it’s fun too! We participate in team management classes that include health & safety workshops, and professional trainings to enhance team building, situational leadership, project management, supervision, and communication styles.

We also learn from each other during our “Lunch-and-Learn” programs, facilitated by employees or local community members. All staff is invited to these workshops, where we hear the latest about about wellness, finances, sustainability, waste recycling, local farming, and more!

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