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Today, we are spotlighting @nouswithoutyou, a 501c3 Non-Profit Public Charity based in Los Angeles, providing food security for hospitality workers and their families.⁣

Over the last 10 months, the organization has grown quickly to provide food security for 1,500 families (and growing) every week. ⁣

Founded by Othón Nolasco @mata.tu.sed and Damian Diaz @mr_diaz of @VaLaHospitality, @nouswithoutyou is helping disenfranchised hospitality workers affected by the pandemic. Donations have enabled the two partners to provide dry goods and fresh produce to back-of-house staff such as dishwashers, bussers, line cooks, and porters. ⁣

$33 Feeds a Family of 4 for 1 Week. ⁣

In lieu of holiday gifts, Straus Family Creamery made donations to three non-profit organizations including No Us Without You LA. We encourage you to donate or volunteer. Learn more details at

⁣📸 @melhummel⁣

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Keep up with monthly news on Straus Family Creamery and our organic dairy products; updates on the continually evolving world of sustainable practices, organic farming, and environmental stewardship; plus Straus customer features, culinary tips, recipes, and more! ⁣

Tap the link in our bio and sign up at on our home page.⁣

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Since day one in 1994, we have bottled our delicious certified organic cream-top milk in reusable glass bottles.⁣

Today, on #NationalMilkDay, we raise a glass to the 12 organic dairy farming families in Marin and Sonoma Counties who produce it and our hard-working employees who bottle it. ⁣

By choosing #StrausFamilyCreamery, you do your part and help keep about 500,000 pounds of plastic and milk containers out of the landfills each year. ⁣

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Healthy habits are a popular New Year’s resolution. The first step starts with what you eat! ⁣

Here’s a helpful hint: The journal Environmental Research recently published a groundbreaking study showing that an organic diet can rapidly and dramatically reduce exposure to toxic pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate (the main ingredient in the weed killer Roundup®).⁣

The glyphosate in participants’ bodies dropped an average 70 percent after six days on an organic diet. Glyphosate and more than 900 other herbicides and pesticides used in conventional farming are prohibited under organic farming certification.⁣

#StrausFamilyCreamery has been committed to producing certified organic dairy products since 1994.⁣

Tap the link in our bio to read about the study. ⁣

Comment below with your resolution!⁣

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***To our community from our founder***

Thank you for all your support during one of the most challenging years in recent history. Our hearts go out to individuals, families, and small business owners who have been directly and deeply affected by this crisis. ⁣Throughout this pandemic, we have tried to do our best to assist our communities and people in need while keeping our creamery operating and our employees safe. ⁣

In spite of the challenges, we remain fully committed to our mission of sustaining family farms and helping revitalize rural communities. With your help and support of Straus Family Creamery, you are providing for the livelihoods of local organic dairy farmers and our 150 employees.⁣

On behalf of our entire team and the 11 farming families in Marin and Sonoma Counties that supply us with organic milk, I thank you for your support during this difficult year. ⁣

We look forward to a brighter and healthier 2021!⁣

-Albert Straus⁣

#HappyNewYear2021 🎉 #StrausFamilyCreamery

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-Bay Area Community-⁣⁣
We are proud to be part of the #freecoffee cart initiative with @mudlaboak @proyectodiaz in Oakland!

⁣If you know someone in the area who would like a free coffee in a real mug, please send them to MudLab. For now, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7:30-8:30 am and hopefully daily by 2021.

Follow zero waste café and grocery store @mudlaboak for updates⁣⁣.
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Our founder/CEO Albert Straus is taking a number of steps to address climate change on his farm, including his 20-year carbon farm plan that will reduce and sequester 2000 metric tons of CO2e every year. He also recently forged a partnership with @BMWGroup developing a new pathway that uses biogas to create renewable energy from the methane captured in cows’ manure.

Thanks to California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Program, the Straus Organic Dairy Farm and BMW Group are making low carbon charging available for BMW’s electric vehicle (EV) customers in California and creating a new revenue stream for farmers.

Tap the link in our bio to read the interview with Albert and Sustainable Food Trust @susfoodtrust⁣⁣
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'Tis the season for warm and comforting drinks! From coffees and teas to hot chocolates and eggnog creations, there are still delicious ways to indulge this season.⁣ When choosing flavorful favorites made with Straus premium organic milk, you are supporting family dairy farmers and sustainable organic agriculture. Thank you!

Check out our Holiday Flavor ❄️ story collection to find creative picks and support local businesses in your community through online orders, to-go options, or delivery. ⁣⁣
📸 @quintessacoffee⁣
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This year it is more critical than ever to lend a helping hand if we can. Many of our neighbors are hungry and in need of life’s basic necessities. San Jose-based @veggielution with partner @offthegridsf is creating a COVID Food Relief Program through the end of this year. Together, they are working with @freshapproachbayarea to identify local farms, specifically BIPOC owned farms to supply organic fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, dairy, and meats. ⁣

Learn how to safely volunteer and donate via the bio link @veggielution⁣.⁣

#Veggielution is proud to be the only COVID relief farm box program sourcing exclusively from local family-owned farms.⁣⁣

📸 @veggielution
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