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Super Premium Ice Cream

Fantastic, no matter how you scoop it

No matter which of the 12 luscious flavors you crave, Straus Organic Super Premium Ice Cream is crafted with our premium organic milk and cream. Our gluten-free ice cream products are free of preservatives, fillers, artificial ingredients, or coloring agents. Super premium means our organic ice cream has less air and higher butterfat with an exceptional dairy taste.

The result is a refreshing treat as close to hand-churned as you can get without a churn! Ready to scoop into a bowl, onto a cone, straight out of the carton (we won’t tell), or as the centerpiece of the best milkshake ever. One you can enjoy year round.

A Clear Difference In Sustainable Packaging

In 2019, we developed our Sustainable Packaging Roadmap to assess the environmental impacts of our current packaging and identify opportunities for improvement. We are currently working with our supplier on a fully bio-based and recyclable ice cream cup that maximizes the use of sustainably sourced paper board.
stack of ice cream sandwiches made with straus ice cream
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