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Learn about Straus Family Creamery’s mission-driven initiatives, what the media is saying about us, and the continually evolving world of sustainable practices, organic farming, and environmental stewardship; plus culinary tips, recipes, and various content including our annual sustainability reports. Downloadable infographics will be  available soon.


Our blog consists of recipes, tips, and select content from our published newsletter and other sources.

straus sweet butter

Ellen Straus’ Pie Crust Recipe

This hefty, absolutely unbelievable crust is what we all grew up on. We love it! This pie crust is thick and tastes almost like shortbread, but

Yogurt Cake

Absinthe’s Golden Yogurt Cake Recipe

The recipe is adapted from one given to Cookbook Author Janet Fletcher by Bill Corbett, former executive pastry chef for the Absinthe Group in San

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Find out the latest news and interesting stories about Straus Family Creamery from top-tier media outlets to trade publications, and more.

Press Releases

Journalists, reporters, writers, and other members of the media can find our press releases covering farming innovations, sustainability, new products, and more.

Educational RESOURCES

Part of our mission is to support family farming and revitalize rural communities everywhere through advocacy and education. We hope you find these farming, environmental, sustainability, and Non-GMO resources beneficial. 


In the early 1970s, development plans for the Tomales Bay region posed a threat to the long tradition of family farming. Two early environmentalists, Phyllis Faber and Albert Straus’ mother, Ellen Straus, decided to fight, so they co-founded the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT), a private, member-supported non-profit organization dedicated to permanently preserving Marin County farmland for agricultural use.


Just Label It is a national campaign consisting of more than 550 partner organizations that support a petition for the FDA to require all GE foods to be labeled as such.


Moms Across America is a national coalition of “unstoppable moms.” Their mission is to raise awareness about GMOs and toxic exposure, empower leadership, and create healthy communities. Best known for their 4th of July parades, Moms Across America works tirelessly to educate their communities on the issues surrounding GMOs.


Founded in 1973, CCOF promotes and supports organic food and agriculture through a premier organic certification program, trade support, producer and consumer education, and political advocacy.

SustainablITY Reports

Straus Family Creamery’s annual Sustainability Reports capture our progress in agricultural innovation, climate change mitigation, and the advancement of our mission to help sustain family farms while protecting the planet, local economies, and the people who live and work in the community.