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European Style Butter

Buttery smoothness

Butter is an important ingredient in recipes and can elevate the taste difference from ordinary to exceptional—for cakes, muffins, on baked potatoes or toast, and more. It makes sense to choose the best organically crafted butter around. Salted or unsalted, our butter boasts an 85% butterfat content, that exceeds the American (at least 80%) and European standards (82%). In fact, our butterfat content is higher than almost any available.

A richer, deep yellow color from cows that graze on sweet, coastal grasses high in beta-carotene, our butter is made in small batches. Ideal for everyday use, baking, spreading on bread, or for baking flakier crusts, our organic butter is also burn-resistant, creating a golden color when sautéing. Our European Style Butter is a food staple that brings out the best in everything.

Organic European Style Butter


A Clear Difference In Sustainable Packaging
Currently, our butter is packaged in paper from fiber not plastic. In 2019, we began developing a Sustainable Packaging Roadmap to assess the environmental impacts of our current packaging and identify opportunities for improvement. The Roadmap, our suppliers and new technology will help us eliminate petroleum-based packaging in the future.
plate of breakfast next to straus unsalted European style butter
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