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Nosecchi Family Dairy

The Nosecchi Family Dairy is located in West Petaluma in Sonoma County and joined Straus Family Creamery as a certified organic milk supplier in January 2024. Owned by Robin, Shirley, Dino, and Johanna, the Nosecchi family has a rich dairy history in the region.

Natale Nosecchi emigrated from Italy at a young age and bought the ranch in 1925. Natale started the dairy which has operated continuously for almost 100 years. Natale, his son Nat, and his grandson, Robin, lived on the ranch and worked the land and the animals together. Robin continued the dairy farming tradition at the same location with his son Dino, a fourth-generation Nosecchi dairy farmer.

Robin and Shirley were married in 1971, bringing two dairy families together. Shirley is from the Grossi dairy family. Originating from Switzerland, her family were early dairy farmer pioneers and became one of the largest dairy families in Marin County.

Today, the Nosecchi dairy farm is led by Dino and his wife Johanna. Three generations are still working together. Shirley works on the farm and teaches her teenage grandchildren, Lucia and Mattea, how to manage the calves while Robin shares many other important farming skills with them. Both girls help as much as possible between school and their 4-H and FFA activities, getting up early with their parents on some days.

The home ranch is 200 acres with 190 Holsteins, Jerseys, and cross breed milking cows.  An additional 365 acres of grazing is taking place on leased land. The home farm has always been set up for cows grazing on pasture, making for a smooth transition to organic farming in 2012. Dino said one of the benefits of this region is the local climate, which allows them to have a long grazing season and keep the cows on pasture almost throughout the year.

The Nosecchi Family Dairy and the rest of the farms providing milk to the Creamery follow the National Organic Program’s Pasture Rule–where animals must maximize grazing with at least 120 days per year and obtain at least 30% dry matter intake by grazing.

Nosecchi Family Dairy Facts

Nosecchi Family Dairy became certified organic.

Carbon Neutrality in 2030

As with all of our suppliers, Nosecchi Family Dairy is on the path to carbon neutrality in 2030. The Nosecchi family is working on their first carbon farm plan in conjunction with the Sonoma County Resource Conservation District in 2024.

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