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PURE DAIRY TASTE. Organic integrity.

We support our culinary partners – restaurant owners, chefs, and baristas – with ongoing efforts to understand and respond to your business needs and contribute to your growth and success.

Milk and Cream

Our milk and cream are minimally processed for the best taste and performance. The proprietary process we use lightly homogenizes the milk, creating the perfect emulsification of protein and fat, ideal for any recipe. 

Barista® Milk

Different than our iconic glass bottled cream-top milk sold in grocery stores, Straus wholesale Organic Barista® Milk is only lightly homogenized to emulsify the fat within the milk so that the cream no longer separates. It’s a subtle yet important difference that helps our milk bring out the best in every coffee or tea drink you brew. Restaurant chefs also rely on our barista milk as an ingredient that enhances flavor and texture in recipes.

Heavy Whipping Cream

With 36% butterfat, our wholesale heavy whipping cream easily whips into soft, cloud-like peaks. The texture, appearance, and pure dairy taste have made it a favorite of discerning chefs everywhere.


High butterfat content and low moisture help make high rising, flakier crusts that brown more evenly. Sautéing our butter brings a taste that is reminiscent of the sweet pasture grasses where the cows graze. Made with only organic sweet cream, Straus Organic European Style wholesale Butter contains 85% butterfat content (higher than almost any other butter in the market).


Both our European style and Greek wholesale yogurts are made with our organic milk and four active, live cultures, creating a silky mouthfeel. And, unlike most commercial yogurts, ours are slowly set in stainless-steel vats preserving the pure dairy taste. No gums, gelatins, stabilizers or thickeners are ever used.

Close Encounters Soft Serve (@closeencountersco)
at Waxpaper (@waxpaperco) in Los Angeles.

Sour Cream

Made with only three organic ingredients — milk, cream, and carefully selected enzymes and cultures – our wholesale sour cream is a tangy blend of acidity and richness with a naturally silky-smooth texture. This makes it the must-have topping for baked potatoes, tacos and soup and the winning ingredient for salad dressing, sauces and dips.

Ice Cream

All of our ice cream products are organic and made with milk, cream, and simple ingredients. Straus wholesale Organic Ice Cream Base is created for chefs and artisanal ice cream makers who want to produce their own variety of unique flavors with a batch freezer. Our ready-to-use soft serve mixes are explicitly made for use in soft serve machines. Straus finished ice cream is ready-to-scoop and available for your ice cream shop, truck, or dessert menu.

"Straus Ice Cream Base is the perfect blank canvas
for my delicious ice cream artistry."

Kris Hoogerhyde, Co-Owner & Pastry Chef, Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco.

Our Packaging Commitment

Our packaging matters.

Straus Family Creamery is committed to using environmentally sustainable packaging for all of its packaging lines. We hold a strong desire to constantly improve the sustainability of our packaging.  We are actively implementing a roadmap to eliminate petroleum-based packaging and minimize environmental impacts from all the materials we use to package our organic dairy products.


Responsible PACKAGING

Many of our specialty and wholesale product offerings are provided in recyclable bulk options, which helps minimize single-use packaging waste for our customers.

carbon neutral dairy farm with jersey cows

Chefs/Food Industry Professionals

If you are interested in selling or serving Straus products in your business, please provide us with more information below, and we will contact you shortly.

Availability is only in California and surrounding states.

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