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Premium Organic Ice Cream Products THAT INSPIRE YOUR CREATIVITY

Innovate your dessert menu

Made with our rich organic milk and cream, all Straus wholesale ice cream products deliver a creamy and pure dairy taste — a delicious reminder of how America’s beloved dessert was meant to be enjoyed.

Ice Cream Base

We believe the fewer ingredients, the better the taste. Our wholesale ice cream base contains only organic milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks with fat content of 15%. This premium foundation allows you to create a variety of ice creams and desserts with your commercial batch freezer.

Ice Cream

Straus Organic Ice Cream is ready to scoop and evokes the taste of homemade hand-churned ice cream. Perfect for a dish, cone, or root beer float. Our super premium ice cream is carefully crafted with a blend of all-organic ingredients—cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks. Rich and creamy, the way ice cream was meant to be.

Close Encounters Soft Serve (@closeencountersco)
at Waxpaper (@waxpaperco) in Los Angeles.

Soft Serve Mix

Our ready-to-use wholesale organic soft serve mix is made exclusively for use in soft serve machines. The creamy texture and pure dairy taste are sure to delight soft serve fans. Ingredients are simple: milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, and a plant-based stabilizer are combined with either vanilla or chocolate— creating a rich, creamy texture with 8% butterfat. 

"I’ve always loved Straus Family Creamery products because I’ve always cared about organics, animal welfare, and simple ingredients.
Straus Organic Ice Cream Base is the best that I have ever tasted.
The egg yolks make it richer, more like a custard. Not all bases use egg yolks.

-Jacki Wilson Owner, Two Dog Night Creamery in Sebastopol and Windsor, California.

Our Packaging Commitment

We are committed to the future of the planet and are making sustainable choices with the packaging of all our products.


We’re always looking forward at Straus. That means constantly exploring ways to improve our sustainable practices, protect our organic integrity, reduce our carbon footprint, preserve natural resources, conserve biodiversity, enhance soil and water quality, support family farms and remain active in our communities and our regional food system.

Jersey milking cows produce a higher percentage of milk fat, creating a richer flavor
Jersey milking cows produce lower quantities of milk with higher percentages of milk fat, which creates a richer flavor.


Our organic barista line of milk enhances the coffee and tea drink experience.


Learn about our full line of organic dairy culinary products – milk, cream, butter, yogurt, and ice cream.

Chefs/Food Industry Professionals

If you are interested in selling or serving Straus products in your business, please provide us with more information below, and we will contact you shortly.

Availability is only in California and surrounding states.

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