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What is the future of milk?


With organic farming as the foundation, Straus Family Creamery is committed to creating a carbon-neutral dairy farming model on the Straus Dairy Farm. Blue Ocean Barn’s red seaweed supplement that will be part of cows’ ration received California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) approval in Spring 2022. This will allow the Straus Dairy Farm to meet its goal of being carbon neutral in the near future. The Straus Dairy Farm is one of 12 dairy farms that supply certified organic milk to Straus Family Creamery. All of the supplying dairy farms are on the path to being carbon neutral by 2030.

The data below is based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) of California unsweetened almond milk and the Cool Farm Tool used at the Straus Dairy Farm. The numbers represent agriculture and food manufacturing emissions. This data demonstrates that Straus Dairy Farm’s organic milk will have a similar climate-positive footprint to alternative dairy products (plant-based) and a lower footprint than soymilk.

This chart below is not meant to describe all alternative dairy products or represent Straus Family Creamery’s entire dairy supply chain. It only illustrates the future of Straus Dairy Farm’s organic milk after implementing a carbon-neutral dairy farming model. This carbon-neutral dairy farming model illustrates how innovative sustainable agriculture, organic dairy farming, and cows can make a positive impact around the world.

Organic farming is essential to building a resilient food system
Methane digester converts cow manure into renewable energy
Red seaweed supplements in cow feed reduce enteric methane emissions (cow burps)
Carbon farming regenerates the soil and enhances carbon sequestration
Electric farm equipment eliminates fossil fuels
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