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Organic Dairy Farms

Straus Family Organic Dairy Farm — Where It All Started

The Straus family legacy started in 1941 with Straus Family Dairy Farm in the small town of Marshall, CA, along the shores of Tomales Bay on the Northern California Coast.

Known for its mild, coastal climate, pristine coastal grassland, and fresh marine air — with virtually no pollution from traffic or factories — the area is a quiet escape from city life. For some, the seasons can prove confusing. Summer air is cooled by daily, sometimes constant fog, and the grass is dried up. Winters are cool, lush, green, foggy and wet. No matter what people think, cows excel in this climate.

A Straus cow’s life isn’t complicated. The 280 Straus organic dairy cows (Jersey, Holstein, and Jersey-Holstein cross breeds), roam 500 acres of pasture during the day and, when night falls, they sleep on cow mats with natural bedding in an open barn.

To avoid the risk of infections from outside, the cows are in a closed herd. This means that purchased animals are never brought onto the farm. The cows are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Their balanced, vegetarian diet consists mostly of fresh pasture grasses, silage, and hay, as well as purchased animal feeds that are 100% certified organic and verified non-GMO.

Animal welfare is a critical element of the Straus Farm’s philosophy — Straus cows are treated well and are given a great deal of affection.

Expanding Organic Milk Suppliers

Straus Family Creamery currently buys certified organic, non-GMO verified milk from 12 certified organic family farms in Northern California: the two Tresch family dairy farms, the Hughes, Correia, Brazil, Silacci, Mendoza, and Silva dairies, plus Drakes View Dairy,  JJ’s Family Dairy, and Cypress Lane Ranch, ensuring an adequate supply of certified organic dairy products of exceptional quality. This relationship strengthens the community of family farms in Marin and Sonoma Counties by providing stable pricing as well as strong personal alliance with each milk supplier.

Meet the Dairy Farmers

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