Cow Burps – Cattle Industry Poised To Lead The Way To A Cooler Earth By Reducing Methane Content


A new study out of the University of California at Davis shows a dramatic reduction in cattle methane emissions using red seaweed as a feed supplement. It also significantly reduced the cost of feed. The five-month study found that these reductions were sustained with no change in animal health or in the quality of the beef.

The study, supported by Blue Ocean Barns but independently carried out by researchers at U.C. Davis, found that the supplement, derived from red seaweed, lowered farmers’ feed requirements by 14% with no diminishing of the animal’s weight gain. The study also confirmed past research with dairy cows that the seaweed supplement cut methane production from digestion by more than 80%.

The U.C. Davis study demonstrated that the methane reductions were sustained during the entire 147-day trial, which was longer and included more cattle than any prior study.

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