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Find Our Organic Dairy Products on West Coast Menus

We’re honored that so many chefs and baristas choose Straus Family Creamery to create their signature dishes and beverages with our certified organic milk and cream from organic dairy farms in Marin and Sonoma Counties. From the smooth, glossy microfoam in specialty coffee and tea drinks to the flakiest crusts in pastries—chefs know Straus produces the highest quality organic milk, offering exceptional taste and superior flavor in recipes.

You can enjoy Straus organic dairy products at many restaurants, cafés, scoop shops throughout California and the western United States. Souvla, a modern fast-fine Greek restaurant in San Francisco, uses Straus Organic Milk and Cream in their frozen yogurt. California-inspired, made with Italian techniques, Bobboi Gelato in the San Diego area uses Straus Organic Milk and Cream to create their gelato using seasonal produce. Los Angeles restaurant favorite, Gjusta serves Straus Organic Greek Yogurt with their housemade granola, market fruit and honey.

(Souvla image: Tim McCoy)

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Image source: Bobboi Gelato
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Featured Partner

Our customers play an essential role in helping us fulfill our mission and supporting our local and regional farming and food system. Your favorite restaurant, café or eatery and its employees are often vital members of the community. We celebrate the people and businesses that share our passion and commitment to premium quality and our organic, sustainable agriculture practices.

Equator Coffees, based in Marin County, uses Straus Organic Barista® Milk for all their dairy-based coffee drinks. In business since 1995 (only a year after Straus began operations), Equator Coffees is driven by the belief that coffee can be roasted better, brewed better, and sourced in a way that makes lives better. We’re proud to share Equator’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

They are now open in Culver City which is good news for our Southern California friends!