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The True Cost of American Food

Edible Marin and Wine Country

Photo courtesy of Douglas Gayeton

Straus Family Creamery—A Pioneer in Tipping the Scales

Dairy farmer Albert Straus cares about cow farts so you don’t have to. Seriously. Straus is obsessed with the impact that bovine belches have on the environment.

Who knew that cow flatulence was such a big deal in dairy farming?

There’s no covering the stink: While carbon dioxide gets most of the bad press, cow poo and wind play a significant role in global warming, too. Studies link enteric fermentation (that’s a geeky name for methane emissions—including cow gas) to climate change.

Consider this: Agriculture contributes 8% to total California greenhouse gas emissions, according to the state’s Air Resources Board. Digging deeper: Methane from microbial fermentation represents 30% and manure management 26% of total methane emissions in the Golden State, according to 2016 board data.

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