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Epicurious - Photo by Travis Rainey, Prop Styling by Joseph De Leo

Why Does Organic Milk Cost So Much?


You’re strolling the aisles of your local market. You arrive at the cool, glowing refrigerator cases of the dairy section, poised to make a quick decision about what you’ll pour into your next glass of homemade boba or rich batch of pots de crème. The shelves all look the same. The neatly stacked cartons all look the same. But a closer inspection of the price tags underneath them makes the wheels of your shopping cart come to a stiff halt.

With today’s inflation affecting food prices around the globe, you might be second-guessing and overthinking every purchase you make. But when the difference between the price of a gallon of organic versus nonorganic milk grows to a staggeringly wide gulf—as in a more-than-twice-as-expensive gulf—you might start wondering what the heck’s going on. How is the cost of conventional milk so cheap by comparison? And what, exactly, are you getting for the extra cost of organic?

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