Red seaweed supplement achieves 52 percent methane reduction - Straus Family Creamery

Red seaweed supplement achieves 52 percent methane reduction

Progressive Dairy

In 2016, when California passed SB 1383, a global warming solutions act geared toward reducing short-lived pollutants methane emissions 40% by 2030 over the 2013 levels, the state didn’t have all the answers to completing that goal.

However, Albert Straus, an organic dairy farmer in Marin County, California, made it his intention to look at how he could meet those goals and what it would take on his dairy farm to do just that. He wanted to be progressive, forward-thinking and a part of the solution.

“I gave a BHAG, ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal,’ to my sustainability director at the Straus Family Creamery to be carbon neutral on my farm by the end of 2021 initially,” Straus says. “It was made up of four parts. One is our methane digester that we’ve had operating for 17 years to take methane out of the atmosphere and make electricity for the farm.”

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