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Emily Sanborn

Manager, Sales & Service

How long have you been at Straus? ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas en Straus?
I celebrated my 10-year Straus Family Creamery anniversary in July 2023.

How did you get here? What did you do before? ¿Cómo llegaste hasta aquí? ¿Qué hacías antes?
Prior to Straus Family Creamery, I worked throughout Sonoma County in foodservice, event management, nonprofit fundraising, and wildlife rehabilitation. I was introduced to the Straus team through my work with Sally Tomatoes at SOMO.

 What is your favorite Straus product? ¿Cuál es tu producto favorito de Straus?
Our organic sour cream is unmatched.

What do you like about working at Straus? ¿Qué es lo te gusta de trabajar en Straus?
I strongly believe in the Company's mission and values and appreciate that my role is an intersection of my passion for food, environment, and community service.

What do you do in your free time? ¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?
I’m involved in my children's elementary school and extracurricular activities. I enjoy being outdoors in the garden, bird watching, fostering service dogs in training for Bergin University of Canine Studies, and serving on Rohnert Park’s City Council.

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