The one place in Los Angeles to buy the best yogurt in America - Straus Family Creamery

The one place in Los Angeles to buy the best yogurt in America

Los Angeles Times

Homa Dashtaki started White Moustache in Southern California in 2011. Ironically, she had to move her business to Brooklyn before Angelenos could find her exquisite product. She first began making whole-milk yogurt in Orange County with her father, Goshtasb Dashtaki, whose fulsome facial hair inspired the company’s name. They used a family recipe; eating homemade yogurt was part of the diet in her Iranian family. Dashtaki set up shop at the Laguna Beach Farmers Market — and quickly began tangling with an inspector from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. By 2012, Brooklyn had proved a more hospitable business environment.

Manhattan’s branch of Eataly carries White Moustache, and when the company knew it was opening a Los Angeles store in late 2017, the principles asked Dashtaki if she’d be willing to make her yogurt on-site. The timing worked out: Dashtaki’s sister had recently moved to New York to help run operations at headquarters. When Dashtaki isn’t out West, her family members oversee production here.

They make yogurt using Straus milk from California dairies, and there are two fundamental styles: Greek, thicker and strained, and luscious with fruit; and Persian, traditionally a thinner yogurt with a more pronounced sourness.

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