Climate Leaders Make a To-Do List for the White House - Straus Family Creamery

Climate Leaders Make a To-Do List for the White House

Bloomberg Green

President Joe Biden is aiming to green the country’s electrical grids by 2035 and everything else by 2050, ambitions requiring thousands of specific federal actions to set states, cities and the private sector in a compatible direction. Now, a new collaboration of climate-minded investors and policy experts is offering a way to help that’s novel in its detail and organization.

The group called the Cleen Project (which stands for “Clean Economy Employment Now”), announced today that it has built a database that features 180 proposals intended to combat climate change, create jobs and advance environmental justice. The plans run the gamut from enabling electric-car charging along federal highways to creating an infrastructure bank that provides backstop financing for disadvantaged communities. Several of the ideas were pitched under the assumption that the Republicans would hold onto the Senate, and thus don’t require congressional approval or an additional appropriation.

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[Note: It is not mentioned in the Bloomberg Green article but Straus Family Creamery’s Founder and CEO Albert Straus joined The Clean Economy Employment Now (“CLEEN”) Project’s advisory board bringing his expertise in sustainable organic farming practices to the nation’s first co-operative idea database designed specifically for federal leaders. The database includes submissions from Albert and co-contributors demonstrating that organic dairy farming is a climate change solution.]


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