Plants of the Future: Sustainable food processing from beginning to end


Straus Family Creamery—instituting organic farming practices

In July, Albert Straus of Straus Family Creamery, Marshall, Calif., launched what is said to be the first full-scale electric truck powered by cow waste. This environmentally-friendly alternative to diesel-fueled trucks features an electric motor powered from batteries charged from electricity generated from cows’ waste.

“It took us 8 years to develop this vehicle, with failures along the way. But, we kept trying. We worked with a local mechanic and an electric vehicle expert to adapt the engine of a 33,000-pound gross weight international harvester truck,” says Straus, organic dairy farmer, founder and CEO. “The feed truck measures, mixes and hauls feed before dropping the feed into the trough for my nearly 300 cows. I think it’s a significant benefit to have the cows actually power the truck that feeds them.”

Organic farming practices are the foundation of Straus Family Creamery’s sustainability efforts.

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