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Straus Family Creamery Introduces Organic Greek Yogurt

Straus Family Creamery Introduces Organic Greek Yogurt

Sustainably-made, rich, organic yogurt with the authentic Straus Family Creamery flavor

PETALUMA, Calif., (August 6, 2012) – Straus Family Creamery proudly introduces Organic Greek Yogurt, the only Non-GMO-Verified, certified Organic Greek Yogurt on the US market. The Organic Greek Yogurt, which is also certified kosher and gluten free, is now available in dairy cases throughout the West Coast in quart-sized, 32oz. cups in whole milk and nonfat versions at a suggested retail price of $6.49.

All Straus Family Creamery products start with flavorful, Organic Milk from the Straus and four other local, family-run dairies. This is also true for the new Organic Greek Yogurt, which has the thick and creamy texture of traditional Greek yogurt and the delicious, authentic Straus Family Creamery taste.

Top Bay Area chefs and respected culinarians embrace the quality and sustainability of the newest product in Straus Family Creamery’s dairy line.

“This is just like the yogurt my mother made growing up”, says Sam Mogannam, owner of Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco. “Perfectly creamy, with the right balance of acidity — this yogurt is a rich, silky gem. I used it to make my mother’s cucumber yogurt salad and it was even better than I remember.”

The specific dairy flavor originates from the cows’ diet, consisting mainly of sweet pasture grasses from the hillsides of Marin and Sonoma Counties along the Northern California Coast, where the cows graze. The fertile soil, mild, coastal climate and fresh marine air generate grassland that is highly nutritious and unique for this area, which is ideal for dairy cows.

No thickeners or stabilizers are ever used in any Straus Family Creamery yogurt products. Organic Greek Yogurt is made with only two ingredients: Organic milk and live, active cultures. The yogurt is first slowly cultured and set in a stainless steel vat (not in the cup) and then carefully strained, which gives it its wonderful thick and silky texture.

With 6 grams more protein than Straus Family Creamery European-Style Yogurt, Organic Greek Yogurt is nutritionally beneficial, filling and great for people and families with a healthy, active lifestyle.

Since Albert Straus founded the creamery in 1994, he has instilled a strong commitment to organic integrity and sustainability at every level of the operation and company culture. Straus Family Creamery therefore consistently strives to improve its processes and to reduce its carbon footprint. Because the Straus family dairy and Straus Family Creamery work hand in hand, the entire production process can be controlled from field to bottle (or in this case, field to yogurt cup!) and assure that sustainability standards are met at every step.

The Straus family dairy is powered with electricity generated from methane from cow manure and the warehouse of Straus Family Creamery is run by renewable energy generated from solar panels. More than 90% of the wastewater from the creamery is reused on the Straus family farm to generate electricity and to irrigate fields. These are only two of many sustainability programs developed over the years that consumers directly support when enjoying Straus Family Creamery products.

About Straus Family Creamery

Straus Family Creamery strives to consistently provide the highest quality, best-tasting organic milk, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and sour cream made with minimal processing and wholesome ingredients. Straus Family Creamery makes business decisions based upon environmental and ecological considerations, which support the philosophy of sustainable, organic family farming, for the health and well being of the company, its farmers, employees and the community at large.



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