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Straus Family Creamery’s farms

Drakes View Dairy

William Nunes and Lianne Nunes-Taverna, the brother and sister team, operate Drakes View Dairy on 866-acres at the Historic A Ranch in the Point Reyes National Seashore. They joined Straus Family Creamery as a certified organic milk supplier in July 2019 with an organic herd of 85 Jersey and Jersey-Holstein cross breed cows. Drakes View […]

Silva Family Dairy

Silva Family Dairy, nestled in Tomales in West Marin County on the Northern California Coast, became a certified organic milk supplier for Straus Family Creamery in April 2019. Farmers Louis and Marissa Silva, who have two young children, Paisley and Reed, operate a 220-acre farm with an organic herd of 125 Jersey milking cows. The […]

JJ’s Family Dairy

JJ’s Family Dairy, located on the west of Petaluma in Marin County, is owned by Jayson Spaletta who runs the dairy farm with the support of his brother Jeremy. The 737-acre farm was recently renovated by Jayson and his family, enabling JJ’s Family Dairy to become a certified organic milk supplier for Straus Family Creamery […]

Straus Dairy Farm

cows grazing on organic dairy farm

The Straus family legacy started in 1941 with Straus Family Dairy Farm in the small town of Marshall, CA, along the shores of Tomales Bay on the Northern California Coast. Known for its mild, coastal climate, pristine coastal grassland, and fresh marine air — with virtually no pollution from traffic or factories — the area […]

Robert McClelland Dairy

Cypress Lane Ranch became a family farm certified organic milk supplier in 2015. Tony Spaletta and his father Charles Spaletta manage the 772-acre dairy, where they milk 300 head of Holsteins. Named for the beautiful cypress-lined road winding through their organic pastures, Cypress Farm Ranch is an iconic dairy landmark along the Point Reyes-Petaluma Road […]

Mendoza Dairy

The Mendoza Dairy is located on 1,200 acres at the Historic B Ranch on the Point Reyes Peninsula. The first dairy in the Point Reyes National Seashore to produce milk for Straus Family Creamery, they joined as a family farm certified organic milk supplier in 2014. Fourth-generation owner Jarrod Mendoza has a herd of 210 […]

Silacci Dairy

Third-generation dairy farmers Ben and Jessica Silacci took over ownership of the Silacci Dairy in Petaluma from Ben’s father. Their closed, organic herd consists of 200 Holstein and Jersey milking cows. In addition to the dairy operation, the Silacci family grows about 25% of their own high-quality feeds (organic alfalfa and clover) and all of […]

Moretti Family Dairy

Moretti Family Dairy

The Brazil Family Farm, also known as Lakeside Dairy, is owned by brothers Will and John Brazil. They joined as a family farm certified organic milk supplier in 2012. Will and John run the operation with sister Connie. The picturesque farm is nestled in rolling hills on 1,200 acres of pastureland near Petaluma, and hosts […]

Correia Family Dairy

Owned by Kathy and Emanuel Correia, the Correia Family Dairy joined Straus Family Creamery as a family farm certified organic milk supplier in 2010. Located in Petaluma, their land has been used for dairy since the 1900s. Today, their organic herd consists of approximately 300 Holstein milking cows that graze on 300 acres of pasture, […]

Hughes Family Dairy

Owners Richard and Marilyn Hughes have been in the dairy business for more than 50 years. Hughes Dairy, also known as Westview Dairy, is an organic dairy located in Bodega with about 191 Jersey cows on a 182-acre farm. Jersey cows are much smaller than Holsteins; however, their milk is known for its wonderful flavor, […]

Tresch Family Farms

With more than 2,500 acres and 750 Holstein, Jersey, and Jersey-Holstein cross breed milking cows, the Tresch Family Farms, located in beautiful Sonoma County, is Straus Family Creamery’s largest milk supplier. Joe and Kathy Tresch own the farm, working alongside their three adult children Joey, Lindsay, and Lydia. Joe and Kathy are deeply connected with […]

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