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We are delighted to join the group of excellent farmers, ranchers, growers, and other producers at the San Ramon Farmers’ Market at City Center Bishop Ranch in the Tri-Valley!
President Joe Biden is aiming to green the country’s electrical grids by 2035 and everything else by 2050, ambitions requiring thousands of specific federal actions to set states, cities and the private sector in a compatible direction.
Tresch Family Farms is actively working to advance sustainability on their farms, beginning with a composting project funded by Zero Foodprint’s Restore California program that will increase their farmland’s carbon sequestration.
This water conservation project will transition the dairy’s summertime water source from a shallow creekside well to a rainwater roof-catchment pond.
Last fall, we had the great honor to welcome environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva at Straus Family Creamery for a visit. Although her sweet, humble demeanor and small build would never suggest it, we were quick to realize that we had a world-class activist and international leader in front of us, who has been named one of the seven most influential women in the world by Forbes Magazine.
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