Opening Up Near You

As businesses cautiously reopen, we ask that you join us in responsibly supporting establishments that are an essential part of our communities. Your local restaurants, cafes, and ice cream parlors are taking extraordinary steps to ensure customer safety as they reopen and reshape their menus.

A list of some places now open including dining outside or take out:

San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Chronicle

SF Eater

San Francisco

SF Eater


San Diego

San Diego Eater


Independent Restaurant Coalition: Save Your Local Restaurants

The Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) was formed to save the local restaurants affected by COVID-19. IRC is founded on the simple belief that there is power to affect legislative change if we unite our voice.

11 million people are employed by independent restaurants nationwide, with additional millions of workers up and down the food supply chain who depend on restaurants for their livelihoods. We believe it is imperative that we do everything we can to ensure these small businesses do not fail. Find out more here and join us as we inform others to take action to establish the Independent Restaurant Stabilization Fund.

Photo on Straus Family Creamery home page courtesy of @IndpRestaurants