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California Right to Know Campaign confident to get on ballot in November

We have very exciting news! On May 2nd, the 2012 California Right to Know Campaign submitted a total of 971,126 signatures in support of GMO labeling in counties all across California, nearly double the number of signatures necessary to qualify for the November ballot. Rallies were held at City Hall in San Francisco and in three other cities, where boxes full of ballot sheets were ceremonially submitted. Helen Lentze, Denise Shermer and Albert Straus were able to attend the festivities in San Francisco and Albert spoke to show his support at the press conference.

Pamm Larry, a mother, grandmother and former midwife from Chico, started the campaign last year with her group Label GMOs. She singlehandedly organized hundreds of community leaders who, in turn, engaged thousands of volunteers to collect signatures. In only ten weeks, volunteers collected the nearly one million signatures – a great achievement that is reflective of the high level of support GMO labeling enjoys. A recent study from the Melman Group showed that 92% of Americans polled are in favor of GMO labeling, regardless of their age, gender, political orientation or economic status.

In approximately six weeks, the campaign expects the ballot initiative to be certified. Straus Family Creamery will continue to support this campaign in the months to come and will continue to help with education about GMOs and our food system, as it relates to our mission of supporting small, family farms.

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