Just Label It Submits 1.1 Million Comments to the FDA - Straus Family Creamery

Just Label It Submits 1.1 Million Comments to the FDA

One million seems to be the magic number this spring! On March 27, the national Just Label It Campaign and their 525 partners (Straus Family Creamery is one of them) submitted 1.1 million consumer comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in favor of labeling genetically engineered foods.

In early April, the FDA responded to Just Label It: “We have not been able to reach a decision on your petition… .We hope to be able to complete the review of your petition and respond to your request in the near future.”

Around the same time, Just Label It published the results of a new consumer research study conducted by the Melman Group, on GMOs. It revealed that nine out of ten Americans across the political spectrum support labeling of food that has been genetically engineered. The new infographic is a visual that shares the results of the survey data.

We will keep you informed on any new information on the Just Label It Campaign on our Facebook page.

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